Hey everyone, I'm a newbie to modular and I've just gotten an Arturia Rackbrute 6u to pair with my MiniBrute 2S. From playing around in VCVRack and looking at tutorials, I think I've identified a solid set of modules to get my toes wet. My ultimate goal is to build something that can play itself.

The Erica Synths pico modules, doepfer envelope generator and nanorings came with the rack.

What do you think?

Any suggestions for other modules?

I'm also wondering about whether I should get a Pamela's new workout, what do you all think?


Thank you for looking at my rack!

pretty standard but a good start to get you goining.

consider to add;
a nice lfo
a filter
mult, clock divider, switch
maybe another soundsource

Marbles and o_C do do the job to play 'itself'

Pams is always nice for everything



A good LFO could be the Erica Synths modulator. It is quite small and powerful for both percussive and generative sounds

Thanks for all the feedback everyone, this is very helpful!