IC Alchemy

IC Alchemy

IC Alchemy designs and builds modular synth hardware in Colorado. Our focus is on developing and building new tools for improvisation and sound interaction. ​Founded by a life long musician, we understand the needs of performers and strive to create instruments that are intuitive and reliable enough to be used on stage. We make tools that will inspire not distract from the magic of the creative process.

Mudras are among IC Alchemies most popular products.


Denver, Colorado


News from the Labs

IC Alchemy Mudras
13 May 2024 IC Alchemy
Are you into unusual sound gadgets? Looking for a way to program sequences without knob-turning? With Mudras, you can program control voltage sequences in real time, just by gesturing with your hand in the air. Check out our new videos on youtube. https://youtu.be/klbXwwKKW7c 
IC Alchemy Mudras
15 Apr 2024 IC Alchemy
Now Available: Comprehensive User Manual for Mudras Dive deep into the capabilities that make Mudras a unique tool in music production. Our detailed manual walks you through the functionality and special features of our gesture-based CV sequencer module. You can find it now at https://icalchemy.com/#mudras-manual 


IC Alchemy

Gesture Looper/ CV Sequencer

$325 MSRP