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The Modcan A Series format uses a module height of 9" and a horizontal unit of 2.25". Modcan also makes the B series which uses the MOTM format.

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There are 101 Modcan A modules to choose from. Users build 185 Racks in this universe.

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News from the Labs

Tre Modular Switch Divider
19 May 2024 Tre Modular
Introducing our newest module Switch Divider. Switch Divider is a versatile quad clock divider that is ideal for live performances and dynamic patches that require change of the rhythm on the go. Watch our demo video to find out more about this module: Visit our website for this and other modules:  
Fully Wired Electronics Triple Latching Switch
There is just over 2 weeks left to secure a Triple Latching Switch before it's release, and guarantee you get one of the first modules to be made. The TLS is available from our store for just £87.50/ $110.74(USD)/ €101.98!  
16 May 2024 Jolin
**new release** AVALITH is a drone synthesizer with a matrix of 100 raw oscillators in an open design configuration framed by a four-pole analog lowpass filter.  
Liquid Sky d-vices
15 May 2024 Liquid Sky d-vices
daniel katzenstab & dr walker - ufo system jam 01 #techno recorded with 2x v4co & 1x glithc 
Joranalogue Audio Design Cycle 5
A small oscillator that packs a punch: that’s the best way to summarise Cycle 5. Octave and fifth switches, LFO operation, dual V/octave ins, pre-tuned, hard sync, all the classic waveforms and a super-deep vari-wave function. Learn more: 
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Top Modules rated by users

Modules have to be rated at least 2 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.35 is considered to be above average.

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Popular Modules in racks

  1. Modcan Oscillator 01A in 149 Racks
  2. Modcan Envelope Gen 04A in 84 Racks
  3. Modcan 4VCA 31A in 72 Racks
  4. Modcan Noise SH Ring 07A in 68 Racks
  5. Modcan Multimode 10A in 63 Racks
  6. Modcan VC Dual ADSR 47A in 61 Racks
  7. Modcan 904a Lowpass 44A in 60 Racks
  8. Modcan Dual Mix 27A in 60 Racks
  9. Modcan Dual LFO 05A in 55 Racks
  10. Modcan Interface 25A in 55 Racks
  11. Modcan Dual Multimode 40A in 55 Racks
  12. Cynthia Panel Single Blank in 51 Racks
  13. Cynthia Zeroscillator in 49 Racks
  14. Modcan Dual Oscillator 46A in 47 Racks
  15. Modcan Phase Timbre Mod 06A in 47 Racks
  16. Modcan VCA Panner 21A in 45 Racks
  17. Modcan VCDO 58A in 41 Racks
  18. Modcan Sequencer 17A in 34 Racks
  19. Modcan Quantizer 55A in 33 Racks
  20. Modcan Frequency Shifter 39A in 32 Racks
  21. Modcan 4075 Low Pass 36A in 32 Racks
  22. Cynthia Analog Switch in 30 Racks
  23. Cynthia Dual ADSR in 30 Racks
  24. Modcan MIDICV 63A in 30 Racks
  25. Cynthia Six-Input Mixer in 30 Racks

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