4 HP
15 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$9 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Simple passive attenuator on 0HP!

This miniATT, a simple passive attenuator, in a reduced "0HP" format.
It allows you to be "flying" in your modular system, if you no longer have space available or if you wish to add an attenuator "on the fly" ^^

The potentiometer mounted perhaps, as desired:
- LIN(ear) for logic signals or
- LOG(arithmic) for AUDIO signals.

Accepts all signals (logic = LIN or audio = LOG).

  • 0HP
  • Red or Blue or Purple color

alt text alt text alt text

What's the difference between a lin and log pot and why we utilise this:
The resistance of this type of potentiometer varies linearly, that is to say that the value of its resistance increases (or decreases) proportionally when moving the cursor. It is used, for example in a variable voltage source. Ideal for logic signals, CV, LFO etc ...
The resistance of this type of potentiometer varies exponentially, that is to say that the value of its resistance increases (or decreases) more and more rapidly when the cursor is moved. Ideal for AUDIO sources, for sound volume adjustments, to adapt to the characteristic of the human ear, which has a logarithmic response to the pressure that the air exerts on the eardrums.

The price includes: module and screw M3. Excluding shipping costs !!

Manufactured by Christian from ph modular.
Available as an assembled Module, no kit.
Tested and assembled by hand. All components are through.

To order, please contact me ([email protected]) the terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs, will be detailed by return mail.
The payment will be in euros (€) and can be done by paypal. Delivery possible in the world, please contact me ([email protected])
Shipping costs : simple shipping in a bubble envelope, please contact me...


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