8 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V

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Ultrasound Filter



Trot is a special filter module, designed base on Ultrasound filters from Ciat Rollz5, the circuit has been updated. Trot's special is bacause it has a strong self-exciting effect, and can be pinged.

Cut off in1&2

It consists of two sets of filters, left and right, and two sets of cv and knobs control the cutoff value of filter 1 and filter 2 respectively. But the two cutoff will affect each other, and adjusting the parameters of filter 1 will also affect filter 2, especially in the case of self-excitation.

Ultrasound flter is used as a drum source in Rollz5, so does Trot. Give a trig signal in audio in9 or audio in8, you get a drum sound in audio out5 or audio out10, which can be changed with a knob and cv.

Audio in 1&2

In the absence of any input from audio in, its self-excitation gives audio out a very grumpy output. If you plug audio out9 into audio in8, you will get an enhanced grumpy output in audio out10, and vice versa.


Filters 5 and 8 each have a selection switch next to the output, adjusting the switch position can change the degree of self-excitation.


*Trot can also be used for filtering, the filtering will have distortion, and the sound is very special!

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