8 HP
Current Draw
80 mA +12V
80 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$267 Price in €

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Analog stereo distortion and DJ-style filter

Aphelion packs a fully analog stereo distortion and DJ-style filter into a compact 8HP design, making it ideal for both live performances and studio setups. It features three independent distortion circuits: a soft clipping overdrive, a saturating wavefolder, and a RAT-inspired distortion. You can seamlessly interpolate between these using the Character knob or a CV signal, offering a wide spectrum of distortion from subtle warmth to aggressive grit.

If you need even more dirt, there's a handy +12dB gain switch, to really overdrive the signal. If you want to keep your low-end undistorted, you can switch on the Low-cut filter. A Wet/Dry mix knob gives additional control over how much of the original signal is left in the mix.

Designed with a performance-oriented layout, it has a large knob that controls a seamless high-pass and low-pass filter combination, reminiscent of filter effects found on DJ consoles. This filter is placed after the distortion circuits.
Another performance feature is the filter bypass switch, facilitating instant reintroduction of all frequencies into the mix upon release—a great tool for live performers.

Of course there is CV control over the Low and High cutoff, and the Drive gain amount, so using CV you can also use the module as a stereo filter and VCA.

A level knob sets the volume of the outputs, making it easy to integrate the module as an end-of-chain FX, or to set the level of the return when using the module as an AUX bus FX.


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